Reiki is often referred to as Energy Healing. It involves the transfer of Universal Energy from the palms of the practitioner to the patient and his/her body. It is a form of alternative therapy that was developed in Japan in the 1800’s. Reiki recognizes that energy, or Life Force, flows through us via meridians, chakras and nadis. When our energy become disrupted, we can struggle with negative emotions, body sensations, and reduced body functions. This energy can stagnate, or become blocked, in areas of the body where there has been bodily injury or pain. This can result in both illness and emotional distress. Reikie is considered an energy treatment that can help reduce those symptoms and create balance,


Patients often recline on a massage type table, on their backs, while fully clothed. Often there may be music or calming influence within the room. Reiki is meant to be an enjoyable experience and help create a greater sense of peace and balance.

The Reiki practitioner, with permission, will lay hands on the person’s body and begin the energy healing process. For those uncomfortable with touch, the Reiki Practitioner can also place hands above the person’s body without directly touching the recipient’s body. Universal Energy flows from the Reiki Practiioner to the patient. The patient’s body and energy uses the energy gifted/transferred and directs healing. The patient is always in charge and it is viewed that their higher self uses the energy to aid healing in the most advantageous manner.